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Introducing the Alternative Spa, located in the charming town of Califon, in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

In 1991 Jen Cusmano first introduced the benefits of living a natural lifestyle to the Califon area.  This began with personalized fitness programs, followed by neuromuscular therapy and more recently, she introduced Naturopathy and Alternate European Modalities.  All of this allows us to stand apart from other spas, but it’s our relationship to you that truly makes the Alternative Spa unique.  Because our focus is you, we designed the Alternative Spa specifically for you.

A balanced body, mind and spirit is your birthright. Science has proven that this balance has a direct and profound relationship with how you manage stress, your quality of life and longevity.  If you want to regain or maintain a healthy and harmonious body, mind and spirit, consider visiting the Alternative Spa.

You and Jen will work together as a team to select therapies, specifically designed to balance your health, taking your schedule and current lifestyle into account.  Your program will provide you with a healthy lifestyle alternative.  The best part is you participate in its design.  You may choose to use methods that have been established for thousands of years to enable your body to balance itself naturally and you might also decide to include current and traditional practices.  Our focus is you.     

Movement Therapies

Pilates, Tower,  Core Align , Functional Fitness

Naturopathic Consultation

Iridology, Hair Mineral Analysis, Cleansing

Spa, Body & Face Therapeutics

Holistic Treatments, Structural Therapy