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Vacumobilization offers a new concept in massage. With the aid of various suction discs, results are achieved from deep down in the connective tissue up towards the surface. This suction forms a fold thus creating a specific action within the underlying cutaneous surface. Without pinching the skin and under constant visual control, it gives access to a whole range of treatments which are otherwise difficult to attain.  Eliminates toxic build- up - Stimulates venous circulation - Increases oxygenation action on cell metabolism - Increases the flexibility of the connective tissue - Provides a toning action  Stimulates elastic fiber tissues- Provides an analgesic action - Enhances Relaxation. Vacumobilization is highly beneficial for the following conditions and applications:  Body Contouring - by reducing the appearance of fat overloaded areas of the body figure, your contour will significantly improve.  Cellulite - The "orange peel skin" appearance and irregularities of the lumps and bumps of cellulite will significantly diminish.  Face Contouring - Alleviation of puffiness under the eyes and sagging of the skin in the neck and chin area, along with overall stimulation of skin metabolism.  Wrinkles - A specific treatment for wrinkles and exaggerated expression lines can be performed during a face contouring session to reduce their appearance.  Scars- Significantly reduces the healing process and the aesthetic aspect of scars and incisions. In the case of complicated healing processes, additional modalities may be needed.




Pressotherapy - Euroduc - is a compression system designed to increase the venous and lymphatic flow along with enhancing extra-cellular fluid clearance. Individuals suffering from lymphedema of the lower extremities, post surgical or congenital conditions. Pre, intra and post phases of surgery benefit greatly from the compliment of Pressotherapy.

Improves the temperature of the legs

Provides a weightless sensation of the legs

Enhances results of cosmetic surgery procedures for the legs such as liposuction

Lessens lymphedema of lower extremities

Enhances tone of the legs

Improves slimming of the legs

Pressotherapy is highly beneficial for the following conditions and applications:

Cellulite and body contouring

To increase venous and lymphatic flow and enhance extra cellular fluid clearance

To reduce heavy sensations and fatigue of the legs

To reduce swelling of the ankles, redness and visible veins

To reduce cellulite, orange peel look



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