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Functional Fitness & Movement Therapy


My Functional Fitness & Movement Therapy Training and Groups is one of a kind - my background  in anatomy and physiology provides a complete foundation in the start of your training.  Sessions progress learning the Trains of Anatomy of movement so you can keep your body in tune even outside of workouts.

Classes are committed to not attended and all training and groups are conducted by Jen Cusmano - training since 1987 (I was 19 when I started professionally) 

Groups and training use CoreAlign -an alignment apparatus by Balanced Body engineered by a physical therapist to help create symmetry through movement and better gait strength.  Tower creating a powerful workout using Anatomy Trains.  Reformer work for private one to one training, and coming soon Exero a unique apparatus with unlimited potential for unlocking every aspect of full body training.   Groups are conducted in a 4 person maximum for absolute perfection of alignment and progression.

Group Movement & Fitness

Personal Fitness

About The Movement Program 

Exero / Barrel Training

Looking for a unique workout - Get all aspects of Fitness Training - Cardio-Strength-Balance & Flexibility as well as the education of proper body posture and alignment in every session.

Corealign Training

One of my favorite training apparatus' - this piece creates balance through movement and is a must for anyone struggling with postural issues.

Tower/Chair Training

The incredible anatomy trains and Pilates Tower/Chair training combined to create a powerful - corrective strength and flexibility workout.