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Spapothecary at Physio

An Herbal Experience

Day Programs

Gone For 
The Day
A 4 hour blissful spa day

$400 - 4 Hours

50min Relaxing or Therapeutic Massage

50min - Classic Facial or rejuvenating facial uplift

50min - steam treatment of choice

30min - Sauna 

30min - foot soak and massage

Food service included

Detox day
Remove internal congestion For an 
effective full body detox

$350 - 3 hours

50 min clay wrap & Vichy

25 min osmosis clay soak detox

30 min sauna

50 min herbal foot soak & reflexology

Detox juices & teas included

12 Week Programs for Health & Vitality



Per month

Total: $900

(12) weekly 10min. cellulite Machine

(12) Weekly Vacumobilization Cryo Express Sessions

Sea-Re mineralize


Per month

Total: $1050

Before & After Hair Analysis To Measure Macro Mineral levels

(12) weekly osmosis soaks to work with your hair analysis

1 - Thallasotherapy body wrap tailored to balance your mineral composition

(12)  Weekly Sauna Sessions  to help detoxify your systems and work with your osmosis soaks



Per month

Total: $1500

(12) Weekly Rejuvenating Facial Uplift Sessions

(12)  Fruit Enzyme mask

(12) Herbal Compress/Moisturizer

(12) Foot soak and Moisturizer

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