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Equine Align​

although my horse is now retired - when I was riding I was constantly fighting myself with imbalances and of course my horse was never at fault, she did nothing but gave me 100% every ride.  it wasn't until I started working with physio architecture that I realized how I could balance the rider so the horse could do their job.  equine align focuses on the rider and their imbalances so the trainer can focus on the progress of the horse with the rider.  find your ride - or get it back!


my first journey is to your barn where I will work with your trainer and watch you ride - take photos - videos and do a moving and postural evaluation    $200 per hour         $15 per 10 min travel time

Riders are more than welcome to share the session - I am able to do 4 riders in 1 hour

Equine align structural sessions include 25 mins on the strength assisted barrel and 50 mins of body work - $200

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