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Jennifer Cusmano

owner - bcnnmt

Personalized fitness programs, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Alternative European Modalities have all formed her well-rounded career and breathtaking spa. These qualities will serve to give you a unique experience that stands apart from other spas. A board-certified neuromuscular therapist known for her 25 years of uniquely innovative massage techniques.

Jen has a strong passion for art and a love for Ancient Greece and Archeology. 

She enjoys gardening and tending to her bee apiary that feeds off of her lavender field on her farm.


The journey begins

jen begins fitness classes in the hunterdon, morris, and somerset county areas while finding her passion for the community as a nj certified home health aide.


The start of body therapies

studying biomechanics, working with local physical therapy centers, and hands on research gives Jen priceless physiology knowledge to be shared. 


The body firm

while training as a body builder with a local powerlifter, jen decides to officially open up her first gym - "The body firm" in califon, nj. 


Neuromuscular therapy

licensing for neuromuscular therapy becomes what Jen is best known for today. 


Sulfur creek farm

jen's days of living and educating others on living a natural lifestyle prospers with her new home, a small farm in long valley, nj. 



jen continues growing after completing her bachelors in holistic nutrition and doctorate in naturopathy. international holistic iridologist dr. david pesek certifies her as a diplomat of iridology. 


physio architecture tm

jen is now on the path of creating "physio architects" which are therapies that are trained with holistic and naturopathic intentions.



david winston's center for herbal studies encompasses an internal element to healing through herbal medicine which is now used in Physio body Holistics' a-apothecary. 

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