located at the corner of Bank and Main st.

5000+ square feet of Therapeutic wellness for the local and extended community. this 1927 bank building welcomes you to a luxurious spa day. a private parking lot in the rear of the building will provide comfort, ease and convenience during your stay.

The Acropolis, "high city" is a Greek architectural masterpiece since ancient times. Ages of knowledge in health, medicine, and more were stowed away in its valuable buildings.

Meet Our Family

Jennifer Cusmano

owner of The Acropolis Institue and the lavender fig

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Appolonia Rhoten

Owner of Lunacy Botanicals and

 Physio body Holistics 

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Jamie Cusmano

Building Maintenance technician and guy behind the interior architecture

Lucella Cusmano

Chicken wrangler and artist at the lavender fig

Newest Member

Ethan Rhoten​

Physio Body Holistics -

 Personal Fitness Trainer