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Jen  Cusmano

 Hi - I am Jen Cusmano and I would like to share my mission with you before you move forward  -I am a Traditional Naturopathic Practitioner -N.D. and with that comes a slow process of healing, my goal however is not to try to "fix" anything, I strive to prevent life from steam rolling you! So in other words if you are looking for the quick fix magic potion keep looking, I am not your gal - if you have commitment, diligence and patience then we can walk our journey together. I can bring you forward in the ever constant changing of life and keep you positive in your intention, strong in your physiology and vital in your being, while you cut through the thicket of everything life tries to hand you.     Clavem accipere debes credere


Jamie Cusmano

Building Maintenance technician and guy behind all of the interior architecture

Lucella cusmano

Jens little minion. - Most likely found at the desk doing homework

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