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Vitality Forever Wellness

This program was added back into my services due to the ever changing world we live in.  I focus on prevention and in my model this is my Body Function part - I use Nutritional balancing and heavy metal detoxification - create better assimilation of minerals and nutrients and balance the biochemistry for a better you.  if you are looking for a more science based nutrition program - you found it.

Service Prices

Vitality Forever


12 months service

Functional Nutrition

to take control of your 

nutrition & assimilation 

4 Hair mineral analysis

12 Personal consultation

1 Iridology analysis

1 Styku body scan

Monthly Nutritional support

Strength & Vitality


 4 weeks service

For Pain Management 

movement therapy and 

corrective body therapy

Initial Movement & posture analysis

25 min postural movement

50 min corrective bodywork

4 sessions in total



 4 weeks service

For Building & Detoxification

of Chronic conditions

Naturopathic Spa Therapy

4 -25 min Spa Detox or building sessions

4 -detoxifying near infrared sessions

4 - Detoxifying massage sessions

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