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Spapothecary at Physio

An Herbal Experience


Improve circulation  - aid in joint pain

vital mineral absorption such as magnesium

 potassium, iodide, sodium and calcium

stress relief - weight loss

mud & Clay wraps also include Vichy shower, osmosis tub, herbal massage and foot hydro therapy

Mud & Clays  80 mins - $205

Muds and clays are used for detoxification and after your consult and analysis your personalized treatment may have one of these in it.  Green, Pink, Kaolin, Bentonite, moor muds and others can be used to help you eliminate toxic metals.  These also include an herbal massage to build and support your needs.

Osmosis soaks - 30 mins - $75

Soaking Tub Options include:    ~ Sea Salt  ~ Magnesium  ~ Clay  ~ Herbal Tea

Hydropathy Session - 30 mins - $75

Vichy shower functional therapy with sauna session

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