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Spapothecary at Physio

An Herbal Experience


A curative method, originating from the greek "Thalassa" meaning sea and "Therapeia meaning healing.

Defined today as "a seawater cure".  

Thalassotherapy is known to help improve your circulation, aid in joint pain, stress relief, weight loss, vital mineral absorption such as magnesium, potassium, iodide, sodium and calcium

all wraps include Vichy shower, osmosis Tub, personalized aromatherapy massage and hydro foot therapy

Seaweed Therapy 90 mins - $215

This treatment is custom designed based on your analysis and consultation - Seaweeds have different properties so I match your needs with the seaweed.  This wrap is to help Build-Support and /or Detoxify.  This wrap is intertwined with my osmosis tub -massage and foot therapy

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