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Spapothecary at Physio

An Herbal Experience

Spapothecary naturopathic 

Face or Body

This is an introduction to my naturopathic spa.  it is a great way for visitors or guests to understand what naturopathy is.  Your visit will include a brief consultation and evaluation to create your spapothecary experience.  the session will encompass all areas of my wellness model - build, support and detoxify.  

*The body session will include some of the following:  builders like mineral scrubs and soaks, support like massage, seaweed and tea wraps and detoxification like sauna, hydrotherapy and steam.  a pre intake form will help me personalize your session for your bodies individual needs and teach you about natural wellness - 80 mins …..$225

*The Face Session includes a facial mapping session to help you understand your skin from the inside out and we will create your facial service with products and teas that build, support and detoxify your body and skin.  you will also receive a foot hydrotherapy session with reflexology points that are in connection with your system weaknesses.

120 mins ………$250  

These introductory sessions will provide you with a journey into natural holistic wellness and give you a glimpse into creating a life long 

naturopathic wellness program for strength and vitality

All of our Spapothecary services do require a consultation before spa session - this will help me create the perfect session for you and start your journey into naturopathy

Naturo Esthetics -


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Banya Steam

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Finnish Sauna

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Hydro Foot Therapy

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