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Spapothecary at Physio

An Herbal Experience

naturopathic esthetics

our facial therapies encourage the skin to heal and soften through our organic line of skincare.  massage techniques are used that are unique to our facial services.  you will leave each time with a 

thorough understanding of how to maintain healthy 

skin and a healthy lifestyle.  Your journey will begin with a comprehensive facial mapping and skin diagnostic session and intake for the perfect program

physio signature facial​

Naturopathic Clinical restorative esthetics - 100 Mins $225

an experience that is truly head to toe, immerse your skin in organic products to nourish with nature - 75 mins of facial therapies that your esthetician will design exclusively for your skins needs, followed with 25 mins of a foot treatment to compliment your facial. our feet represent a map of our entire body and so does our face this idea dates back to ancient Egypt, finished with a customize herbal tea to emphasize skin healing and give you the relaxation necessary in our busy world. Encourage every 4- 6 weeks.   

Rejuvenating Facial Uplift - 80 mins  $175  

The Facial Uplift is our most corrective skin treatment, going deeper into the layers of connective tissue to release, rejuvenate and revive tired skin as well as tone fine lines and wrinkles. With the 55 min session you will also receive our unique vacumobilization for plumping and circulation.      This service is one of our naturopathic services and will include a foot soak and reflexology session for your weakness that are determined upon consultation

"Lamprobe" high frequency

working on the principle of liquids being attracted to heat which is released by various probes. Treatments are very quick (some within a few seconds), and may not even touch the skin’s surface. Small skin tags or blood spots disappear immediately and hyperpigmented areas such as liver or “age spots” take only a few seconds. There is minimal discomfort and healing time is short, from a day or two for skin tags to a few weeks for larger skin abnormalities such as fibromas (dark raised or flat, more textured marks).


Skin Tags - Blackheads/whiteheads - Blood spots (hemangiomas) - Hyperpigmentation/keratosis (raised brown marks) - Broken capillaries (Red Squiggles) - Milia/Cholesterol Deposits (Small hard bumps, often around eyes)

this service maybe added to a restorative service for an additional $50 per single procedure

"Cryoskin" Freezing Technology

The Cryopen uses freezing technology to treat a wide range of minor and superficial skin irregularities, non-invasively. It uses small, disposable cartridges of nitrous oxide (N2O) to easily deliver quick, effective treatments with unsurpassed precision.

Skin irregularities treatable with the Cryoskin

non-raised age spots - hyperpigmentation - warts - keratoses - fibromas. 

The Cryoskin can also be used for permanent make-up corrections around the eyebrows or lips.

This treatment maybe added to a restorative facial for $35 per single procedure

Optimum results are evident 3-6 weeks post-treatment.

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