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Spapothecary at Physio

An Herbal Experience

Por Les Corps  - for the body

so why for the "body". because your feet are a map of your body and at physio we want you to find your feet again so we have designated a room just for feet.  our foot treatments can help your maintenance and prevention in bigger ways than you think - promotes sleep, improves circulation and relaxation, fights depression, relieves aches and pains, alleviates edema, lowers blood pressure and relieves pms.  

so let those feet suffer no more

Foot Therapies are included in most therapies at the finish - 

You can book a longer session if you would like

Reflexology - 50 mins - $125

your feet end in every nerve in your body, stimulating these is believed to encourage nerve reflexes back to the areas that are correlated from the bottom of the foot. your reflexology will be informative and system specific includes an herbal soak to start.

Foot scrub & wrap -   50 mins - $125

for the skin and for better everything, when the base of the foot is healthy in integumentary everything will start and end with great execution. an herbal hydrating scrub and herbal wrap will help the foot naturally exfoliate without invasion. also followed by a foot massage

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