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Physio Architecture tm

7 years ago I created physio architecture because I wanted to give my clients an identity for my work,  I am an architect and my model of physio body Holistics explains this - Physio architecture is the connector in my model - it connects body work to body function with holistic movement - I have incorporated the myofascial meridians to create inner deep core strength, postural muscle coordination to develop outer strength and endurance movement to help with functional strength - This pulls together all of my modalities and puts the icing on the cake - but wait my newest therapy is equine align which puts physio architecture on the horse while I look and work on the rider.

Start up Analysis

Initial Consultation for Physio Architecture

A comprehensive movement, postural and muscular analysis that will help you understand your structural imbalances. You will receive an assessment of movement with photos, a diagram of postural deviations 

and a muscle by muscle chart of 

asymmetries after each 12 session phase. 

 This assessment takes 2 hours and includes massage therapy table time. $300

Physio Architecture 4 phases

Phase 1 - Mastering Balance & Stability

Phase 2 - Mastering Strength & Flexibility

Phase 3 - Mastering Endurance & Coordination

Phase 4 - Mastering holistic movement

each phase is between 12 weeks to 24 weeks depending on your skill and time commitment

Sessions are 80 minutes in length and include postural rebalancing table time each session $190

12 week reevaluation 2 hour session $250

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