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The Acropolis Luna Stella 

family owned Alternative wellness center


66 Main St. Califon, NJ 07830


Apiary Creations

All natural honey

$25 / Lb

~ Sulfur Creek Apiary's hardworking honeybees have a seasonal foraging menu that shows in taste and color in their honey ~

**Sold Out**Spring (Light yellow)

cherry blossom

**SOLD OUT **Early summer (Light brown)


**SOLD OUT**Late Summer (amber brown)


At Our Store at 66 Main (Dark brown - black)

Oregano - Fall Blossoms

A few others are picked up along their 

way to make the perfect blend. 

Oregano - Thymol Based Cleaner for surfaces

Diluted - Gallon $36. Quart $14

Concentrate - 8 oz $36

Oil - 1 oz - $25

Lavender Wreaths & Vases

$20 and up

lavender 6 x 6 pillows - $10

French Lavender Bundles

Large - $20

flat slumped bottles 

Great for a cheese plate. $25

 Add on Lavender/Ceramic $10

vintage bottles (20+ years) $35

lavender or ceramic add on $10

curved Slumped Bottles 

Spoon Rests, Dips, Crackers, Candy


Small or specialty bottles

beer/clear - curved/flat $10

specialty printed $25

slump your own bottle $10


Our products are all located at the Acropolis Luna Stella 

66 Main Street, Califon.

If you are not local please contact me and I can get you the best price on shipping - Thanks for your patronage


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